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How to join Windows

  • Install Samba-TNG like described in installing TNG.
  • Normaly Samba-TNG get's installed in the /usr/local/samba directory. The configuration file must then be placed into /usr/local/samba/etc. A basic config for a PDC is given here:
   workgroup            = TNG
   server string        = Samba-TNG Server
   os level             = 33
   domain master        = yes
   domain logons        = yes
   wins support         = yes
   writable             = no

   comment              = "Logonscripts and other profile data"
   path                 = /etc/samba-tng/netlogon

   comment              = "Home directory for %U"
   writable             = yes
  • For some clients (notably samba classic 3.4.0) you might need to add unicode = yes to the [global] section.
  • Restart the Samba-TNG daemons to get the configuration loaded.
  • Start rpclient as root. This program get's installed into $prefix/bin. You have to create a root user.
createuser root -p $s3cretRootPassword
  • Create a UNIX account for your machine. On Linux you can do it as following:
groupadd machines
useradd -g machines -s /bin/false 'machine$'
  • Now go to your Windows box and join the domain. The domain name is “TNG”, the user is “root” and the password is the $s3cretRootPassword (see above ^_^).