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Installing Samba-TNG

This page describes the installation of Samba-TNG and it is not finished yet. Comments could be made to the discussion page or by mailing us


  • POSIX-like shell (sh, bash..)
  • ANSI C compiler and basic Unix compilation enviroment utilities (make…)
Hacking on Samba-TNG / Building from CVS

The packages needed to build, install, and run Samba-TNG are documented in a separate file INSTALL.depends in the source tarball.

Install instructions

From Source

Get the Source

You can get the Source from CVS or by downloading a release tarball. A description on how to get the source from CVS can be found here. The source tarballs can be found on Samba-TNG Downloads.

Setup Enviroment

First, if you have checked this source out from CVS rather than using a released tarball, some files will be missing. Go to the 'source' directory and type:

make -f

If you have a released tarball, this step should not be necessary.

Configure the Source

Now, to configure the Samba-TNG source and create a makefile, go to the 'source' directory and type:


On some OSes this must be done logged in as root, so it can run various tests related to file locking. Run it as root unless you know your platform isn't affected by this.

There are many options available. To see all available options, use

./configure --help

Build the Source

Now type:


and cross your fingers ;-)

Install the Binaries

If all goes well, it will succeed, and you can log in as root and type:

make install


After installation, you will not have a usable server until you create a config file, “smb.conf”, in the config directory given to (or determined by) the configure script. (The default dir for this is /usr/local/samba/etc/.) An example smb.conf file is shipped in the source in “examples/smb.conf.example”.

Automatic Start

You will also need to arrange to start the suite of Samba-TNG daemons at boot time. How to do this is rather OS-dependent, but the System V-compatible script in “source/script/samba-init.d” should at least get you started. Consult the documentation for your 'init' program.

Using FreeBSD 5.4

On FreeBSD you can build Samba-TNG from source as shown below: (e.g. using autoconf-2.59_2 and automake-1.9.6)

gmake -f ACVER=259 AMVER=19
./configure CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/lib
make clean
gmake install

From Binary

Binary releases can be found on Samba-TNG Downloads.