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Downloads and CVS


Source tarballs and binaries for selected platforms are available at The current version, 0.5-RC1, was released on 03 Dec 2009.

Source via CVS

Since Samba-TNG is still being developed, most people download it via anonymous CVS.

Anonymous CVS

(Note: the repository moved on 24 May 2003. You will need to update checkouts from before that date. See below.)

You can access our sources via anonymous CVS. The repository is a mirror, updated from our working copy at regular intervals.

Instructions on using anonymous CVS

The details for the connection (especially the path) might change in the future. So if “cvs update -P -d” stops working, check back here and do a fresh checkout.

You will need CVS running over SSH (version 2 to be precise). This is the default mode for CVS on some machines, but not all. If in doubt, set the variable “CVS_RSH” to “ssh” (or the path to your ssh binary):

  • for POSIX / Korn-compatible shells
        export CVS_RSH=ssh
  • for csh or tcsh
        setenv CVS_RSH ssh 

Then you can check out the module.

    cvs -z3 -d co tng 

You can later update your tree with

    cvs -z3 update -P -d 

in any directory or subdirectory you have checked out.

If you have an old (before 24 May 2003) checkout, you can update it to the new location with the following (assuming your shell is Bourne-compatible, not csh/tcsh). In the root directory of your checkout:

    echo > Root
    find . -name CVS -type d -print | while read dir; do ln -f Root $dir; done
    rm Root

To download a snapshot of our current release, request the release-0-4-99 tag specifically, using the -r option for the cvs co or cvs update commands.

CVSweb / viewvc - Access to our current sources

You can take a look at our current cvs via viewcvs/viewvc:

Platform support

Samba-TNG, owing to its heritage from the Samba code base, should support any POSIX-like Unix environment, but we have a pretty limited range of platforms to build and test our code on.

Additional platform support is welcome. If you would like to contribute build scripts or binaries for your favorite OS, please let us know in the forum. This also goes, of course, for other portability enhancements or bug reports.

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